Spotget / Voddget installation instructions

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  • Download "Spotget / Voddget server" from Google Drive or
  • Unpack the zip file and run server.exe (placed in the notification area)
  • Install Spotget or Voddget on your phone. Open it as a regular app or add it as a widget on your home screen by long pressing on any empty space on your home screen and then pick "Widget" from the menu.
  • Enter your computer's IP address in the first field of the settings screen that is shown
    • Right click on the black square in the notification area to see your computers IP address.
    • If you want to use it locally over Wi-Fi, enter the local address.
    • Else, enter the remote address. If you are behind a router you have to forward the port (defaults to 7353). Read more:
  • Press "Save".


  • Tap next to the controls to show the settings screen.
  • If you want the server program to autostart, add a shortcut to server.exe in the "Startup" folder in the start menu.
  • If you want to keep your Wi-Fi connection when your phone is asleep you can make the following setting: Menu button -> Settings -> Wireless controls -> Wi-Fi settings -> Menu button -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi sleep policy -> Never.

Please email me at if you have any issues or questions.

NB: The remotes don't receive any information from your computer. If you want to know what track is playing etc. this is not for you.